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Home is where the heart is…

People take pride in their homes the world over. A home is usually the biggest investment in an individual’s life. For over 60 years, we have helped consumers worldwide to maintain a sparkle in their kitchen, a shiny bathroom and soft, scented fabrics.

The Canyon Group has significant experience supplying dispensing solutions to the household care and household chemical markets. We ensure manufacturers and brand owners have dispensing solutions that help them stand out on the shelf and resonate with consumers.

Garden & Horticulture

Garden as though you will live forever…

Gardening will never go out of fashion. The garden is an extension of our homes, somewhere to enjoy evenings in the summer sun and to unwind at the weekends when the going gets tough.

We work with some of the leading garden care companies in the world. We offer bespoke solutions to our customers’ needs. Our triggers are rigorously tested to ensure excellent liquid compatibility with even the most aggressive garden care liquids.

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Innovation driving success in the automotive industry

We’ve been getting down and dirty in the autocare detailing market for over 50 years. In this time, we have worked with most of the biggest names in the industry. Our state of the art manufacturing facility, Quality Control laboratory and Research & Development Centre of Excellence come together to ensure complete compatibility with our customers’ liquids.

As a result of the unique manufacturing requirements within the automotive sector, it is important to partner with suppliers that have a sound foundation in quality and a solid understanding of your product landscape. We recognise the importance of chemical compatibility and will help you select a package that has the correct level of toughness and durability to stand up to rough transport, varying environments, and potentially long periods on the shelf.


The pharmaceutical and healthcare markets are always advancing; these markets need reliable dispensing solutions that deliver a combination of product protection, quality, chemical compatibility and in some cases, durability to withstand radiation.

Canyon has a proven approach and decades of experience helping pharmaceutical companies succeed.
We supply bespoke triggers to be used in cleanroom environments across the world, ensuring our sprayers have excellent compatibility with a wide range of alcohols and chemicals used in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Animal Health

The pet care market is huge! People love their pets the world over, and owners will go to extremes to care for and pamper them.

Standing out in this competitive market is challenging, and the dispensing method of a product can play a critical role in both the aesthetics and the functionality of a winning offering.

Canyon has provided packaging solutions to the pet care and veterinary market for decades. We help brands succeed in the marketplace with superior, affordable dispensing solutions.


Chemicals of all types make the global economy go – helping to convert materials such as oil, natural gas, air, water, metals, and minerals into tens of thousands of products.

Canyon has significant experience supplying dispensing solutions to the professional chemicals and coatings industry. No matter your size or complexity of needs, we provide a complete solution.

We bring specialized experience in laboratory testing, and quality programs, to ensure complete compatibility.

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