About Us

The Canyon Group is a global leader in the design and manufacture of high quality and innovative dispensing solutions. Since The Canyon Group was established in Japan over six decades ago, our core value of Makoto (Integrity) has not changed. As the inventor of the trigger sprayer, The Canyon Group has been instrumental in the development of non-gaseous liquid dispensing technology, enabling millions of users to live and work efficiently while protecting the environment.


Our core principle is to ensure that Canyon is a company which is beneficial to society. To achieve this we must strive to achieve the following:

  • Ensure our customers are successful
  • Purchase our material with deliberation
  • Produce our products with creativity
  • Sell our products competitively
  • Never overcharge our customers
  • Help each other and be flexible


Since its establishment, Canyon Corporation has strived to develop world class, innovative and environmentally friendly dispensing systems. From its founding, Canyon Europe has successfully grown and developed the European market through a network of distributors and direct selling.